Bowden Cables



Bowden cables, tension cables and fine ropes meeting the most rigorous requirements.

Fortatech’s history reaches back to 1878. Originally founded as a rope factory by Adolf Arnheiter in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Fortatech has been part of the Brugg Group since 1992. Fortatech currently develops and produces bowden cables, special ropes and fine ropes for customers across the world. . Resources were extended in 2004 with the foundation of a subsidiary in Poland. Aided by our profound expertise, we consult and support our customers in product developments and problem solving. Our customer-oriented organisational structure enables short processing times and high flexibility. Modern production plants and process-based testing systems ensure good quality and reliability. . The in-house testing laboratory for experimental purposes is an important success factor here.

Our control cables and fine rope assemblies constitute a simple and inexpensive solution for various mechanical applications. Traction, impact, load bearing, motion, switching and safety functions can be individually and securely released thanks to the unique characteristics and possibilities of the ropes and sleeves. In dialogue with the customer, we offer tailor-made solutions in the relevant area of application.


The tension cables and control cables that we develop and produce are built in many vehicles and for different uses such as:
• Convertible roofs
• Seat belt height adjusters
• Window lifts
• Door unlocking systems
• Mirror adjustments
• Handbrakes
• Engine bonnets
• Air conditioning systems


Our bowden cables and rope assemblies can be used in all areas oft he industrial sector:
• Engine construction
• Marine
• Wind industry
• Medical equipment
• Security technology
• Agricultural vehicles
• Elevators
• Lighting industry
• Blind industry
• Museums / Galleries / Theatres / Design