The Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation has given Fortatech the green light to carry out the feasibility study “reduction of the coefficient of friction in Bowden Cables” and is supporting the project with a financial contribution.
The research and development for the optimized Bowden Cables is being carried out in cooperation with the IWK Institute für Werkstofftechnik und Kunststoffverarbeitung (Institute for Materials Engineering and Plastics Processing) of the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil). The aim of the innovation project is to develop a marketable solution that significantly reduces the friction values in Bowden Cables, making them suitable for use in large plants, as well as highly precise and durable. The CTI is also intended to lay the foundations for further innovative projects. Thanks to the financial injection from the CTI, Fortatech is able to finance some of the pre-trials and analyses.

Innovation check – easy introduction to the world of R&D project funding

The innovation check is a funding instrument from the CTI for small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland. The CTI wants to use this to make it easier for companies that
have not previously invested in science-based innovation projects to get an introduction to science-based innovation promotion.
In addition, the financial support is intended to reinforce the transfer or knowledge and technology between research institutions as well as the economy, thus spreading the basis for Swiss research and innovation. The innovation check gives companies access to a maximum of CHF 7,500 for research and development from public research institutions